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Model Crank Handle S long

Price £234 £281
Crank Handle S long

The Crank Handle model 'S' Long, has an S shaped profile. It is of steel construction with a galvanised finish. It is fitted with a rotating grip made from timber (usually oak). The distance from the centre of the rotating grip to the centre of the square drive profile is 165 mm. This is the longer of the crank handles we offer and is suitable for use with the model No.2 and No.3 windlasses.

In the image above, the model S Long is the s profile crank which is positioned on the ground, between the dog legged crank and the shorter S profile crank handle which is nearest to the tool box.

Crank Handle S Long

The A/F size of Webster's crank handle square drive is the same on most models, and therefore the suitability for a specific application is suggested as a model preference, and not necessarily on any dimensional constraint. Care should be taken though, if selected for a smaller windlass, depending on the installation, there may not be sufficient height between the input shaft and the deck, to accommodate the increased length of the S Long crank handle.