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Engineering & Design

Over the years we have designed products, bespoke equipment and systems for a wide range of marine applications, from a 200 year old replica traditional timber winch, to a disabled access lift platform, which we designed and built for a new, ultra modern power trimaran.  

We are often asked to assist with specific aspects of large projects such as complete vessel restorations. This may be systems and machinery design, machinery restoration or adaptation, such as adding a powered function to old, manually operated equipment. Knowledge of industry standards is essential, and we work with accredited Bodies, project engineers and surveyors to ensure we achieve the best possible results.

Tally Ho's old capstan, with a powered drive arrangement in development.

Using scans of the original components, we have added parts, consisting of an internal ring gear underneath the base of the main capstan housing, with a drive shaft running up through the base plate to engage with the ring gear. The electric motor and reduction gearbox is below deck and an electronic motor controller is used to manage the operating characteristics of the 48V motor. 

Caramba Restoration: Systems Pipework

In this example, for the restoration of the vessel Caramba, the engine cooling, fire systems, grey water, black water and gyro stabilising water supplies were condensed into bulkhead penetrator plates, designed to reduce the area of bulkhead needed to accommodate the systems pipework. This was achieved by squaring off the standard flanges and associated gaskets, to effectively create a double studded through bulk head penetrator.

Importantly, because the squaring of the flanges did not encroach into the critical features of the flanges, the associated industry standards for flange specifications were maintained.   

We regard smaller projects, such as designing and making these running back stay fittings, as very important; vessel builds and restorations rely heavily on makers who can provide high quality parts such as these. In addition to the basic design, thought was given to long term operating and maintenance, with a greasing gallery being incorporated into the pins on which the sheave wheels are mounted.