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The images above show a Simpson Lawrence windlass from the 1920s, before and after restoration.

Restoration Services

When machinery is in service onboard a vessel for many years, major maintenance or restoration is needed periodically in order to prevent it from becoming ineffective, difficult to use or even dangerous. In some cases,  equipment we receive for restoration can be well over 100 years old, requiring full restoration and in some cases modernisation, for example adding a powering function to previously manually operated machines. Our in-house engineering and design capability allows us to make these modifications discreetly, whilst retaining the original, traditional appearance.

A windlass sent over from Japan for restoration!

The images above follow the restoration of Cynara's windlass, which was sent to us from Japan, and returned looking rather different to when it arrived! 

The images above show a fully restored Simpson Lawrence SL500, with bronze gypsy and warping drum made in-house. 

On occasions the scope of a restoration can be very broad; in this case the customer sent the old ironwork consisting of three rims, top rocker and pawl box, with some sketches and images from old journals, and asked that we recreate a windlass for his 100 year old Humber keel. In addition, he asked that it have a hydraulic drive function added, and be built onto a steel platform for ease of installation. 

The chassis and drive arrangement were designed, and following approval, work started on the build of both steelwork and associated timber parts. 

The drive arrangement was designed to be compact, so that it could be fitted between the barrel and the post at the port side of the windlass.