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Model -No.27 Electric Windlass

Prices from £6,375 £7,650
-No.27 Electric Windlass

The model No.27 is an electric, powered windlass, suitable for vessels up to around 17 tonnes displacement. Mainly of bronze construction, whilst it has a strong visual impact, it also combines comprehensive features of detail design and functionality, specifically aimed at more demanding applications. It can be supplied with chain gypsies from 8 mm to 12 mm DIN 766 or ISO, and configured to work with one or two chains/anchors. It is powered by a 12V 1500W motor, which is housed within the main body of the windlass, along with most of the supply and control electronics, including a wireless remote receiver.

The manual back up is designed for circumstances such as a loss of power onboard the vessel. Many small, powered windlasses have the benefit of a back up arrangement, so that when necessary, the windlass can be operated manually. However, these back up arrangements are not always effective or easy to use. For this reason, the back up on this windlass uses a ratchet mechanism from our No.25 manual windlass, which is the most popular manual windlass we make, and therefore we can be confident that it will get the job done, even under the most challenging conditions. 

Chain pipe apertures are cast into the base at both sides of the windlass, to accommodate a second chain and gypsy if necessary.

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Additional Information

The gearbox is a key design feature of this windlass, using a second gearing arrangement in addition to the conventional worm gear set, to reduce the speed at which the windlass rotates. This increases torque at the gypsy, and helps reduce load at the motor, giving the windlass a continuous working load capability of 230 Kg. It can be supplied to accept a 24v power supply if necessary. If a windlass is supplied with a warping drum and gypsy at the same side, such as when the windlass has two gypsies and two warping drums, the conventional conical clutch is replaced with a dog clutch, so that each of the two warping drums and each of the two gypsies can be used independently. Because the dog clutch can not be used as a brake, with this specification of windlass, it is necessary to add a separate hand wheel operated brake to each of the chain gypsies.


With deck machinery generally there is a need to take great care and maintain a high level of awareness with regard to the moving parts of both the machinery and associated equipment such as ground tackle, chain, ropes etc. Operating and Maintenance details can be downloaded from this site, and should be read and understood before attempting to operate the windlass. The procedures for anchor deployment and retrieval provide warnings, aimed at alerting the operator to potential hazards and therefore it is essential that the procedures are followed carefully.


The gearbox is oil filled, and the oil level should be checked occasionally by looking through the viewing port at the forward end of the windlass. However, it is highly unlikely that the oil will ever need to be topped up. The operating and maintenance manual will give a frequency for changing the oil, which will be based on hours of operating. It is important to use the correct grade of oil, which will also be specified in the operating and maintenance manual. The manual back up ratchet assembly should be greased regularly, along with the clutch nuts and clutches (both conical and dog clutches). All other external moving parts which require grease are fitted with grease nipples to facilitate regular greasing. The operating and maintenance manual covers maintenance in more detail and can be downloaded in PDF from the downloads section on this page.


No.27 Windlass Operating & Maintenance Manual

No.27 Windlass Operating & Maintenance Manual

No.27 Windlass Interface Drawing

No.27 Windlass Interface Drawing

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