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Model - Deck Cowl Vent

Prices from £610 £732
- Deck Cowl Vent

Webster's cowl vents are made by hand, shaped using traditional techniques with sand bag and English wheel. Formed from copper or brass and riveted together in five sections. Customers can specify the size they require, from around 150 mm in height, to 1.5 metres, and sizes in between.

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Cowl Vent Additional Information

Hand-made at our workshop in Cornwall UK, these vents are available in various sizes which can be specified by the customer, ranging from 150 mm high to around 1.5 metres. The exterior is finished with a dull polish, as seen in the images. The interior is painted ivory cream as standard but any RAL colour can be used, should the customer wish. The surfaces and shapes are not mechanically uniform because they are hand crafted and not pressed using a press tool. A pair of vents will vary, albeit very slightly, in shape and size; this is not noticeable however without very close scrutiny. The shape of the upper aperture can be customised; the standard opening is circular but could be made elliptical or irregular. The base is only supplied as a circular aperture so that it can be swivelled to the desired orientation.