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Model -Deck Mounted Barrel

Prices from £8,400 £10,080
-Deck Mounted Barrel

This barrel windlass was made for a boat called Caroline, a reconstruction of a Danish gentleman’s yacht from 1866, which was very competitive in Danish sailing races for almost 30 years. The design was taken from an original picture, taken onboard, where a lady is seated alongside the windlass.

This windlass is used as an example of a deck mounted barrel windlass, and variations on this theme can be made to order.

The video in the link below is for information. It shows a powered barrel windlass and not a manual windlass, however the basic operating technique would be very similar for this manual, smaller, deck mounted type.

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Deck Mounted Barrel Windlass Additional Information

This windlass is a fine traditional piece of machinery of a design which dates back to the 19th century. The barrel is made in the traditional way, with the oak barrel set on a shaft in four segments. Steel rings are heated and shrunk onto the barrel at each end, and the barrel timber extends through apertures in the main gear to create an exceptionally strong join between the barrel and the main gear which delivers the drive/power to the barrel. There is a specific method for operating a windlass of this kind, the practicality of which must be given consideration.


With deck machinery generally there is a need to take great care and maintain a high level of awareness with regard to the moving parts of both the machinery and associated equipment such as ground tackle, chain, ropes etc. Operating and Maintenance details can be downloaded from this site, and should be read and understood before attempting to operate the windlass. The procedures for anchor deployment and retrieval provide warnings, aimed at alerting the operator to potential hazards and therefore it is essential that the procedures are followed carefully.